What Are The Options To Replace Missing Teeth? 

Missing out a tooth can impact not only your day-to-day life but also the future of your oral health. When you have a missing tooth, your teeth may shift and loosen. In fact, the loss of even a single tooth can cause your mouth to shift, changing your appearance and making you look older. It also negatively impacts the ability to chew foods properly. So, it is extremely important to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible. Thankfully, with today’s dental advancements, several options exist to replace missing teeth.


A bridge is an appliance used to fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns on both sides of the gap and a false tooth/several false teeth in between them. The bridge is fixed into its place using dental cement. It is semi-permanent and can last for years if properly cared for. However, over time, shifting in the jaw may necessitate some adjustments.  Dental bridges are usually made of porcelain and metals such as zirconia. Bridges made with metal and resin and implant-supported bridges are also available.


A removable partial denture is a common way to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a dental appliance that consists of replacement teeth attached to a natural-looking pink base. The natural teeth help stabilize and hold the plastic base in place. The teeth are designed to match the color of your gums and the base color of the gums. Sometimes, a partial denture needs metal clasps to keep it in its place. These metal clasps may be visible when smiling or speaking. Moreover, removable partial dentures may move slightly when eating or speaking, which can be uncomfortable. The removable dentures are worn during the day and removed at night, and soaked in a cleaning solution. It is an economical way to replace missing teeth. A complete denture can be used to replace all missing teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a great option to replace a single missing tooth or when there are several missing teeth in different areas of the mouth. The treatment involves surgically screwing a titanium implant into the upper or lower jaw. The replacement tooth is then mounted on the titanium implant. The replacement tooth completely resembles the natural tooth and can last for decades. The only drawback is that it is a surgical procedure, and the healing process is long. The dentist will place the implant and wait for it to completely heal before attaching the replacement tooth. This may take several months. It is an expensive treatment compared to all types of treatments used for replacing missing teeth.

Implant-supported bridge

When there are multiple missing teeth in a row, an implant-supported bridge is the perfect solution.

With an implant-supported bridge, the teeth at the two ends are secured in place with implants, but the teeth in the middle are held in place without screws. It is an easier and more economical option for replacing several missing teeth in a row compared to getting several dental implants.

Many people with one or multiple missing teeth choose to do nothing about it. This not only creates cosmetic but functional issues as well. If you have missing teeth, see your dentist right away, and they will recommend the right treatment option based on your needs and budget.

At Katz family dental care, we are committed to helping you and your family maintain perfect dental health for life, and we will guide you toward the treatment option for your missing teeth.