Perfect Your Smile With a Set of Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, implants are artificial teeth, helping to restore and enhance your smile and confidence.

Dental implants are anchored to the jawbone or to a metal framework on the bone providing replacement teeth that can last a lifetime!

Customized Implants That Match Your Teeth

Our expert Implant dentists help to ensure that your implant(s) mimics the look and feel of your natural teeth. We customize your treatment, keeping comfort, function, and health benefits top of mind. Dental implants can be made from synthetic, biocompatible metal or porcelain ceramic depending on the individual.

Learn About the Implant Procedure

We’ll prepare the area and place the implant in your mouth during the surgery. The tooth and implants are connected using metal poles. A reasonable recovery period is required so that the implant can take hold and bone tissue can develop and anchor the devices.

Dental Implants Are Not for Everyone

Come to us to check if you’re a suitable candidate to get implants. You need to have the proper bone density along with a healthy immune system for an implant to take hold. Strict and diligent oral hygiene is a prerequisite for a successful dental implant.

We can provide a free consultation along with an assessment with the best course of action. You can Request an Appointment or call us to schedule a visit.