Renew Your Smile With Lumineers

Are you troubled by stained, chipped or misaligned teeth? Lumineers offer a durable, long-lasting solution. Made from patented Cerinate porcelain lumineers are an economical alternative to veneers, faster to apply and can last up to 20 years. Lumineers are lens-thin! They are placed discreetly over your problem teeth, enhancing your smile and your confidence.

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Are Lumineers Right for You?

Inserting lumineers is an easy and pain-free process! You won’t have to undergo the pain of drilling, injections, or extractions of sensitive teeth.

  • Customized to fit your teeth
  • As thin as approximately 0.2 mm
  • Translucent, so the casual observer won’t notice its presence
  • New smile in 2 – 3 visits
  • 5-YEAR warranty
  • Not fused or bonded to teeth unlike veneers
  • Dentist doesn’t need to grind down your tooth for a good fit
  • Thin size ensures little to no tooth reduction
  • Resistant to micro-leakage and micro-cracking
How do lumineers compare to veneers?
  • Lumineers are removable, veneers are not
  • Lumineers are quicker to prepare and apply, no teeth trimming is required
  • Lumineers can be more translucent than veneers