All you need to know about Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening

Smile Comfortably with Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful smile. However, a lot of people are embarrassed about their discolored or stained teeth and do not smile confidently.

It is natural for your teeth to yellow and darken as we age. Drinking coffee, tea, soda and wine can make the problem worse. Smoking can cause dental staining. If you have been shying away from cameras because you’re not happy with your smile, you are not alone. Discolored teeth can create issues with your facial aesthetics, but luckily, Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening is a great solution to this problem.

What is Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening?

Zoom is a bleaching process that works by lightening the enamel and dentin of the teeth. The active ingredient of this gel is hydrogen peroxide, which makes up 25% of the composition. When applied to the teeth, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into tiny oxygen bubbles and removes the stains on the teeth. 

Your dentist would use a unique mercury metal halide light to expedite the teeth whitening process. In this light, a specialized infrared filter is used, which reduces the stains on the teeth and minimizes sensitivity. The treatment works on the outer surface of a tooth and does not affect the internal structure in any way.

The procedure

When you visit your dentist for a  Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening procedure, they would first conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth to ensure they are healthy. The whitening treatment cannot be performed on decayed or unhealthy teeth. If the dentist finds any signs of disease or decay, they will treat that first before proceeding with the whitening treatment.

The complete Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening procedure takes up to an hour. Your dentist may recommend a regular teeth cleaning procedure prior to starting the whitening treatment.

The dentist starts the procedure by covering the gums and lips, leaving only the teeth exposed. They would then apply the Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening gel and use the Zoom light to penetrate the teeth and break up all discoloration and stains. The gel is left on the teeth for 15 mins and the light is kept activated. This 15-minute process is repeated 3 times for a total duration of 45 minutes.

Once the whitening treatment is complete, the dentist applies a sensitivity reducing fluoride paste to the teeth.

Who can get Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening treatment?

Anyone over the age of 13 years old can get this treatment done. It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Also, Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening treatment may not be equally effective for everyone. Only your dentist can determine if the treatment is right for you.

What about aftercare?

Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening treatment can last a long time with proper aftercare. Once the treatment is complete, you will receive a touch-up kit and advice from your dentist about which foods and drinks to avoid. To keep your teeth shining white, you must keep up with your dental hygiene routine by brushing and flossing twice daily, and using a whitening toothpaste.

It is recommended that you avoid food and beverages that could stain your teeth. It is also important to use the touch-up kit provided by the dentist and follow all the instructions carefully.

A bright and white smile can boost your confidence like nothing else can. Zoom! ® Teeth Whitening treatment is a fast and effective way to get a pearly white smile. You can achieve a brighter smile in just an hour.