Getting The Perfect Smile With Veneers 

Few people are born with a picture-perfect smile. However, thanks to modern cosmetic procedures you can achieve a celebrity-like flawless smile in no time. You don’t necessarily need to wait for months wearing braces. Cosmetic procedures such as veneers can help you get straight teeth and a bright smile much sooner. Veneers are a simple and minimally invasive dental technique commonly used to improve smiles.  

What are veneers? 

As we said, veneers offer a simple way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Each veneer is a thin, custom-made, tooth-colored shell that is bonded to the front side of the tooth. When the veneer covers the tooth, it hides all signs of chips, cracks, stains, and crooked teeth. Depending on your requirements, you can choose exactly how many veneers you want to get. If you have only one chipped or jagged tooth, you will need only one veneer to cover it. However, if your purpose is to create a symmetrical smile, you may need 6-8 veneers along the top row of your teeth.  

Signs that you need veneers 

If your mouth and teeth are healthy but you are not happy with the look of your teeth, veneers may be the right choice for you. Veneers can solve the following cosmetic issues: 

  • Uneven, misaligned, or irregularly shaped teeth caused by general wear and tear, trauma, or grinding
  • Unwanted spaces between the teeth
  • Dull enamel
  • Discoloration due to dental materials, disease, medications, trauma, tobacco use, excessive fluoride, or other causes
  • Worn enamel

It is important to note that veneers cannot be applied if you suffer from any complex dental issues such as decay, gum disease, or severe misalignment. In such cases, these issues have to be treated before veneers can be applied.  

Veneers procedure 

While veneers are a simple and short procedure, it is definitely not a single-visit procedure. It usually requires at least three dental visits to complete the procedure. You can choose to get a single or multiple veneers at a time.  

Initial consultation 

On your first visit to the dentist, you will share your concerns with the dentist and tell them what you are trying to achieve. The dentist will then examine your teeth to ensure that veneers are the right solution to your problem. They will discuss the procedure with you and what you can expect from the procedure.  


The dentist will prepare your tooth for a veneer. They will reshape the surface by trimming off the enamel. The dentist will then take an impression of your tooth. This model is sent to a laboratory where your veneer is prepared. It may take a couple of weeks for your veneer to come back from the laboratory. In the meantime, temporary veneers may be used.  


The dentist places the veneer on the tooth to check the fit and color. Before they permanently cement the veneer to the tooth, the dentist might have to trim the veneer repeatedly to get the perfect fit. The tooth is also cleaned and etched to ensure that the veneer gets strongly bonded to the tooth. Once the veneer is cemented, the dentist uses a special light to harden the cement.  

Veneers are a great solution for simple aesthetic dental issues. Once you get the veneers, you will begin to feel confident and proud to shine your bright smile. If you too want to get pearly whites that you are proud to display, schedule an appointment with us now.